Australian Marine Science Conference Eventranet 2017

Concurrent session 5: G1:Marine fundamentals

Chair:Claire Streten
Talks in this session will cover a broad range of topics that are not covered in other symposia: marine ecology, marine biology, marine chemistry, marine geology and oceanography.

  • Session Details
  • LocationGallery, Darwin Entertainment Centre
  • Session TimeTuesday 4th July 10:30am to 12:30pm

  • Presentations In This Session.
Date & Time Title Speaker Theme
10:30am to 10:50am Surface drift and the search for MH370 David Griffin G1: Marine fundamentals
10:50am to 11:10am Multispecies presence and connectivity around a designed artificial reef to assess local fish production-attraction. Krystle Keller G1: Marine fundamentals
11:10am to 11:30am Effect of inorganic mercury on yellowfin bream (Acanthopagrus australis) behaviour Cyntia Harayashiki G1: Marine fundamentals
11:30am to 11:50am Coupling environment to organism: exploring drivers of coral growth and physiology Rene van der Zande G1: Marine fundamentals
11:50am to 12:10pm Exotic polychaete species identified using integrative methods. Aria Lee G1: Marine fundamentals

  • PEPs In This Session.
Date & Time Title Speaker Theme
12:10pm to 12:15pm Sub-surface intensification of marine heat waves: the role of stratification and local winds Moninya Roughan PEP Talk
12:15pm to 12:20pm Biogeography of southern Australian deep sea fauna Jason Tanner PEP Talk
12:20pm to 12:25pm Mapping of coral reef at Santa Cruz de CabrĂ¡lia, Brazil, based on satellite image WorldView-2 by using depth invariant index method. Thais Galvao PEP Talk
12:25pm to 12:30pm Recent sediment investigations in an enclosed tropical harbour Oleg Makarynskyy PEP Talk