Australian Marine Science Conference Eventranet 2017

Concurrent Session 4: G5: Looking to the future

Chair: Claire Streten
Talks in this session will look to the future issues facing the marine environment as well new opportunities, future collaborations.

  • Session Details
  • LocationLitchfield Room, DoubleTree by Hilton Darwin Esplanade
  • Session TimeThursday 6th July 1:30pm to 3:10pm

  • Presentations In This Session.
Date & Time Title Speaker Theme
1:30pm to 1:50pm Response of mangrove ecosystems in northern Australian estuaries to environmental change Colin Woodroffe G5: Looking to the future
1:50pm to 2:10pm Climate proofing strategies using seasonal forecasting for Australian marine industries Claire Spillman G5: Looking to the future
2:10pm to 2:30pm Engagement of Indigenous communities in marine research: A national-scale survey of marine researchers Paul Hedge G5: Looking to the future
2:30pm to 2:50pm Packaging web portals for improved stakeholder usability Cass Hunter G5: Looking to the future

  • PEPs In This Session.
Date & Time Title Speaker Theme
2:50pm to 2:55pm Indigenous Wisdom Can Inform Human Impact Detection and Mitigation for the Indian Ocean David Deeley PEP Talk
2:55pm to 3:00pm Respondent driven sampling (RDS) as a cost-effective method for recreational fisheries: a trial with the Tasmania recreational rock lobster fishery Lincoln Wong PEP Talk
3:00pm to 3:05pm Broadscale Environmental Monitoring - What is it? Who does it? How does it fit in to Marine and Coastal Management? and Can we do better? Catriona Macleod PEP Talk